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Little Feat Montessori

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Started in 1995, we at Little Feat are passionately committed to Dr Maria Montessori’s philosophy and method of helping young children grow. Little Feat has been ranked No.4 in the Top 10 Montessori schools of Bangalore and No.8 in India by Education The Environment We have specially designed the Montessori environment for our children. It is a world scaled down to a child's size with low shelves that showcase a wealth of learning materials. The adult-in-charge move unobstrusively through this child-space, working with individual children or small groups, assisting each according to their needs. Within a flexible schedule, the day is spent as follows: a long block of time used for individual or small group activities with the Montessori material, periods of time for play; a time for snack; a time for large group activities where the children enjoy music, dancing, singing, sports activity, art and craft, and story telling. What is special about Little Feat Montessori House Of Children. Each day is special. We have art, story-telling, drawing, painting, dancing, sports activities etc., field trips, development of vocabulary, science experiments, activities in geography, history, botany, zoology, looking after self and environment, conversations, picture reading. All the above activities are conducted with the child's active involvement. This is possible because the child chooses the activity himself and thus is self-motivated to complete what he has chosen. The child is free to move around, express his opinion, choose the activity or just simply hang around and observe other children at work. We offer FREEDOM with DISCIPLINE. Our children do not do what they like but THEY LIKE WHAT THEY DO.

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