Holiday List for the Academic year 2018/19



 15th Friday - Id Ul Fitr (subject to change), 23rd Saturday - Parents Orientation


4th Saturday - 1st PTM, 15th Wednesday - Independence Day, 22nd Wednesday - Bakri Eid (subject to change), 24th Friday - Varamahalakshmi Vratha/Onam


13th Thursday - Ganesh Chaturthi, 20th Thursday Muharram (subject to change)


2nd Tuesday Gandhi Jayanti, 5th Friday - Ethnic Day (school closes at 12pm.) 8th Monday - 21st Sunday - Dusshera Holidays. 22nd Monday School reopens, 24th Wednesday - Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti, 27th Saturday 2nd PTM and report cards. 


1st Thursday Kannada Rajyotsava, 6th Tuesday - 8th Thursday Diwali, 14th Wednesday - Childrens Day (school closes at 12pm), 21st Wednesday Eid Milad, 26th Monday - Kanakadasa Jayanti.


19th Wednesday Christmas Party (school closes at 12pm), 20th Thursday Winter Break.


3rd Thursday School reopens, 15th Wednesday Sankranti/Pongal, 19th Saturday PTM.


4th Monday Mahasivaratri, 23rd Saturday Final PTM and report cards, 29th Friday Class party and last day of the year. (school closes at 12pm)


 The school will remain closed on all Government declared Holidays.The holidays for Muharram and Bakri Eid will change as per the lunar calendar.


The above list of holidays is subject to change. You will be informed of each of the above holidays, once again, as we approach the date, through our correspondence diary and emails.


Parent Teacher Meetings 2017/18.


The Parent –Teacher meetings are scheduled as mentioned above in the holiday list.  Both parents are requested to attend these meetings. Please make it a point to use this opportunity to meet personally with your child’s teacher. If for some reason you miss the date, you will be able to meet the teacher only for the next scheduled meeting.


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